Image by Jack Anstey



Burd Motorcycle Company is a fabrication company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that specializes in customizing vintage motorcycles. The short riding season and cold dark winters helped spark the passion for hand crafting unique desirable motorcycles.  Japanese bikes from the 70’s and 80’s are the medium.  Each creation is one of a kind. Each is built with a fanatical attention to detail.   



The craftsman behind Burd Moto, the guy with his name on the line for every build, is Jamie Burdett. With a diverse background including skills ranging from gondola manufacturing and installations to scale model prototyping, there’s an ingrained knowledge about how attention to the fine details makes the difference. 


The art behind the build is what differentiates Burd Moto from the rest of the pack. There is a preference to repurpose and fabricate rather than buy off the shelf.  Jamie's creations reflect the owners that commission them. As much as each bike is comfortable on the pedestal with a couple of spotlights shining on them, Burd Moto bikes are built to be daily riders. They are great bikes, for everyday folks that like to ride something unique.

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